2024 New Product Interest Survey

Last week we sent out a product survey to our subscribers and followers asking for feedback on potential new product lines. We always welcome suggestions for things you'd like to see in our shop and in our booth, and we're all ears. After a week of collecting data, here are the hotly-anticipated results.

Our bar soaps and shampoo bars are by far our most popular products. Which of the following bath and body products would interest you?

A bar graph showing survey results.

Several people have asked for an unscented and uncolored bar soap, often times due to fragrance or skin sensitivities. On the scale below, with 0 being wholly uninterested and 10 being very interested, how interested would you be in something like this for yourself or someone you know?

A bar graph showing survey results.

Thinking about our wide selection of unique natural scent oil blends, which products would you most be interested in using in your home?

What other types of products would you like to see us carry?

A bar graph showing survey results.

Some of the great suggestions we received in the write-in box under "Other" included: 

"I'd love to see more astrology, moon, stars, and/or zodiac items!"


"Room accessories like decorative bookends, display jars, picture frames, candelabras, and other conversation pieces."

We got you, fam. We've already added a bunch of new items to the website based on this feedback (namely tarot decks, bedding, and a whole series of zodiac symbol pillows), and we've got some other very exciting stuff in the works. Stay tuned.