The new spring soap collection is here!

We're excited to announce the new lineup of soaps for Spring 2024 and the return of some of your favorites from last year.

The new soaps:

Velvet Thorns - a silky soft bar made with rich honey, sweet coconut, and creamy soft shea butter.

Graveflower - a delicate balance of powdery and floral notes, intertwined with the earthiness of a hidden garden.

Sworn to the Dark - the latest star in our fragrance-free soap collection, this bar harnesses the purifying power of activated charcoal to offer a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.

Island Sun - a sweet and lemony fragrance, it features the zesty allure of lemongrass softened by a whisper of coconut.

The returning favorites:

Mosquito Control - we loaded this soap with a fast-acting natural insect repellent blend of citronella, lemongrass, cedar wood and rosemary essential oils.

Quietly, Undramatically - No fragrance. No colorants. No additives. Just olive oil and goat milk. You can't get any purer than this. The last time this one was in stock, it sold out in two hours!

Song of the Siren - This soap captures the purest essence of the sea -- a scent blend of pure ocean water layered with shipwreck wood and musk.

In The Rainy Season - this bar soap is infused with natural jasmine and gardenia fragrance rounded off with a green floral aroma that will linger long after you wash.

We've got a few other summery soap varieties in the works, so keep checking back!