Falcon Flea at Falcon Bowl in Milwaukee

Hello, readers of Bleak Blog! 

We found ourselves in Milwaukee last Sunday at the historic Falcon Bowl for Falcon Flea, our last market of 2023! As market locations go, Falcon Bowl is supremely cool. It originally opened its bowling lanes in 1915, and it's been kept as original as possible ever since. The bowling lanes are over a hundred years old, but well-maintained and authentically cool, and the banquet hall on the main floor (now used primarily for events) looks as though it may have been a dance hall at one point in time. Today, however, the well-kept wooden floors would play host to a curated selection of amazing vintage and craft vendors, each with a unique vibe.

Starting with one of the most unique playlists I've experienced, with tunes ranging from Cher, sitar covers of New Order's "Blue Monday" and numerous disco instrumentals, I never knew what to expect next. However, each song kept my head bobbing along, and set the pace for an outstanding market. Speaking of which, Milwaukee came out for this market. Denizens of the Riverwest neighborhood and many others would grace these historic halls, perusing each rad vendor until they eventually made their way over to our big dang booth for our witchy home goods and distinctive soaps. 

As is our usual, I played soap sommelier while Jen worked the home decor side of the booth, and we both stayed incredibly busy the whole time, slinging the smellgoods and the slick subsidies to your space's feng shui, alike. On top of the amazing support from our customers, the other vendors and event staff were also some of the friendliest, most helpful people we've yet to encounter at a market, and that's saying something. We really felt the love at this one, folks. 

As always, we couldn't do any of this without you wonderful people supporting us each step of the way. Whether you're buying a poster, a bar of soap, or just popping in to say nice things, you are all wonderful. As send-offs go, this was a fantastic way to end the 2023 market season. 

I can't wait to see what awaits us in 2024. 

- Sean