Holiday Shopping With Serial Killers at Wolf Hollow

Hello, readers of Bleak Blog!

Last Sunday saw us driving down to Rockford, Illinois to the dark and morbid shop Wolf Hollow for their Holiday Shopping With Serial Killers market. What does it mean to shop with a serial killer, you ask? Well, it's a bit like having a personal shopping assistant to direct you to vendors and products that might pique your interest, but your personal shopper might be Art, the murder clown from the movie Terrifier. Are they much help with the shopping experience? I don't know about you, but if a murder clown directs me to a morbid art vendor, I'm 100% buying something from that vendor! With such familiar movie killers such as Freddy Krueger and Leatherface also helping direct traffic (among others), this was a fantastic shopping event. 

With eleven carefully selected vendors of dark and morbid goods, the event was more intimate than some of the others we've attended, but the atmosphere was amazing. The soundtrack ranged from classic goth to other tunes (including some that have inspired our soaps) and kept the beat moving throughout the day as Leatherface (and others) kept ushering more unfortunate souls to the dark vendor market. There were even horror-themed signature coffee drinks and hot chocolate available at the coffee bar, for those of us braving the Midwest cold.

As for the shop itself, if you've never been to Wolf Hollow, I cannot recommend them enough. They are a massive curated dark gift shop with a focus on oddities and the macabre. When not menacing folks in a costume, the owners and staff are among the friendliest people we've ever encountered. They run regular dark vendor markets in their own private event space in the back of the shop, and we hope to attend more in the future. 

Until next time! 

- Sean